/purgemember bug.

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/purgemember bug.

Post by Extreme on Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:55 pm

I told about this to H20 but I thought that if I report it Rock_Man will be informed and will help too.

Images regarding the bug:

1) My member list (it clearly shows that I have 12 members): http://imgur.com/nvHoCQa

2) I had used the cmd /purgemember name 2 times to kick 2 people out of the clan as one of them never came online and the other one was mistakenly invited by a co-leader and didn't came online too hence 40k tax should have been removed from my clan tax, but it was the same (after that I invited one of members back and the tax increased by 20k (as it should have ofc) and reached 300k , I don't have the pic of 300k one but I have the one of 280k (but there is no need of taking a pic of the 300k one now, as both show that 40k should be removed from my clan tax) - the member's one (not the one I paid): http://imgur.com/2TweLOd

-Thanks in advance

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Re: /purgemember bug.

Post by Ahmed aka H2O on Fri Jan 20, 2017 1:16 pm

Already aware of this issue, fix will take place soon.

H2O's To-Do list:
1. Ban all the Lords OF War staff members.
2. Irritate [LOW]Vampire until he resigns.
3. Find [LOW]Bone[C]rusher in-game at least for 1 time.
4. Get banned for being so good.
5. Slap Imran while on 50 Killing spree (sad).
6. Give P3pSy a camel for his next birthday.
7. Break the world's masturbation record.
8. Detonate Stephanie's house along with his ISP.
9. Ban zeref420 for hacking (Unfair) for being so good (That's bad).
10. And finally, never reach 100,000 score.
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