"You have attacked a clan mate" bug.

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"You have attacked a clan mate" bug.

Post by Extreme on Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:17 pm

Today I saw a new feature in the server which sends you a message if you attack a clan mate but something weird happened as this message appeared every single time I shot someone.

Some images regarding this bug:

1) I shot this guy and it appeared: http://imgur.com/N54FgOJ

2) I killed this guy and it apperead (this one isn't enough though you can see it yourself if you test it ig): http://imgur.com/4aq8zt3

Member list of my clan (to show that none of them is in my clan): http://imgur.com/TtrzjSI

-Thanks and plz fix it as soon as possible or everyone will get irritated.

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Re: "You have attacked a clan mate" bug.

Post by Ahmed aka H2O on Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:47 pm

Problem fixed.

H2O's To-Do list:
1. Ban all the Lords OF War staff members.
2. Irritate [LOW]Vampire until he resigns.
3. Find [LOW]Bone[C]rusher in-game at least for 1 time.
4. Get banned for being so good.
5. Slap Imran while on 50 Killing spree (sad).
6. Give P3pSy a camel for his next birthday.
7. Break the world's masturbation record.
8. Detonate Stephanie's house along with his ISP.
9. Ban zeref420 for hacking (Unfair) for being so good (That's bad).
10. And finally, never reach 100,000 score.
Ahmed aka H2O
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