Preparations and what to expect for your Practical Flying Assessment (PFA)

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Preparations and what to expect for your Practical Flying Assessment (PFA)

Post by [LOW]CJS[SR71] on Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:17 pm

SR71 is a clan in which requires players to not only know how to fight on foot, but also in the sky. Therefore, in order to join the clan the player needs to pass what is known to us as being a PFA - A practical flying assessment. When it comes to the day the applicant applies to be a clan member and are successful in their requirements they will have a choice; To either perform a random stunt or a dogfight at their discretion. The player will have the ability to use either a Rustler OR a Hydra, with no other aircraft accepted. Users who wish to dogfight will have 3x the HP of the SR71 opponent, with the opponent being a random SR71 member already in the clan. You will also get three attempts to shoot down the opponent; failure to do so will result in your application being denied. Crashing during the dogfight on your/opponents part means the person who didn't crash wins the dogfight. The second alternative as mentioned is the random stunt which needs to be performed. The stunt as noted is random, therefore you will not know which stunt we will get you to perform. You are allowed to practice the stunt as many times as you want, however the stunt only counts if you say you are starting the test. That means, a practice stunt that you succeed in does not mean you are in the clan. When you choose to start the test, you'll also have three attempts just like the dogfight approach. As far as the rules behind the test goes, that is all there is to it.

Preparing for your PFA:

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