[SR71] Clan Rules

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[SR71] Clan Rules

Post by [LOW]CJS[SR71] on Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:07 pm

1.01 Refrain for arguing with other clan members. If an issue has arisen and a solution hasn't been agreed on, leaders will step in at any time; Which can lead to a suspension or termination from the clan itself depending on the situation.

1.02 Going inactive without notice will lead to a kick-out from the clan. If your going to go inactive, apply here. The policy behind inactivity is fully listed on the inactivity subthread as well.

1.03 Appropriate in behavior; no racism, no insulting and no discrimination. Action against clan offenders will be made at a leaders discretion.

1.04 Killing other SR71 members is not accepted, unless you were dueling / in a Deathmatch or you killed a member by mistake.

1.05 Every clan war must only begin with the Leaders acknowledgment, if not the war will simply be voided.

1.06 Check our board weekly, and make sure you participate in any threads relevant to the clan's well being

1.07 Disrespecting other clans or other clan members will NOT be tolerated and may get your position suspended or removed from SR71

-SR71 Team

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