Doing /kill in a duel and challenging some other guy when we are already in a duel bug.

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Doing /kill in a duel and challenging some other guy when we are already in a duel bug.

Post  (^|^) on Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:39 pm

Today when I challenged a man for a duel, well I don't remember his name but when the duel started he wasn't there in the duel then I thought I will send some other man a duel request so then I did /duel 1 0 then it said you are already in a duel first finish this duel or do /kill then I did /kill and it said you can't use this command in a duel.So if this bug isn't fixed then this will also happen again in a situation like when I want to duel id 1 then I mistakenly send a duel request to id 2 then I try to do /kill it will again say you can't use that command in a duel, so you guys should fix this bug and if this bug will be fixed and after that if a man in a duel will about to die and if he will do /kill in to evade death I think he will get a death because a few weeks ago when a spy came in our base I was about to do /st then when I was typing /st he suddenly shot me with his 1 or 2 bullets of m4 then when I did /st I got a death so I think that it will be of no use to do /kill to evade death, and guys please don't forget to fix this bug as soon as possible.
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