Ario's joining application

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Ario's joining application

Post by Ar1o on Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:02 am

Your in-game Name:-Ario

Your in-game Score:- 11000

Your in-game Cash:- 2.300.000

Your Age:- 19

Why Would You Like To join our BLS clan(Required 70 Words):-hi guys,to tell u the truth,its my first time that im gonna join a clan,personaly i am a social teenager and i love making new friends and carrently i dont have much friends in your server and i sense there's a great chace in your clan for me to make a lot of friends. i've chosen your clan because a lot of legendes live in your clan and i'll be honored to stand beside them and im intereted to become a part of this amazing family.

Do you accept that you'll get kicked without notification if you were caught breaking any clan rule?:- Yes

What Language Do You Speak?-English,,turkysh,,farsi

what weapon(s) you are good at[WILL be tested]?:- (sniper 10/Cool(sawnoff 10/9)(desert eagle 10/7)(tech9 10/Cool

Do you have any experience flying Hydras/Hunters/rustlers?[Will be tested]:- if yes then list which one(s) : a skilled pilot(Hydra)

do you have any Skills in Rhinos? [Will be tested]:- No

Were you in another clan? If yes, then list the clan Name or Tag & leaving reason?- No

Picture of your in-game Stats:-

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Re: Ario's joining application

Post by [LOW]CarbonDieOxide on Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:25 am

Applicant Passed the test,Accepted
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