Ultra's clan application

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Ultra's clan application

Post by Ultra Xenon on Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:55 pm

Your in-game Name: [SMU]Ultra
Your in-game Score: +1000
Your in-game Cash: 200000$ i guess
Your Age: 20
Why Would You Like To join our BLS clan(Required 70 Words): i am a good player i can be helpful and a good member for this clan
Do you accept that you'll get kicked without notification if you were caught breaking any clan rule?:yes i accept
What Language Do You Speak?  Frensh - English and Arabic fluently and a lil bit Spanish
In which weapon do you perform better?[Will be tested] Sawn off - Uzi and Sniper
Do you have flying skills? in which vehicle do you perform better?[Will be tested]: to be honest i don't like these pilots  stuff i would like to play in foot instead of raping newbies with heavy vehicle but i am good in hydra
Were you in another clan? If yes, then list the clan Name or Tag & leaving reason?- in this server this is the first time
Picture of your in-game Stats: https://i.imgur.com/MWMIuL5.png
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Re: Ultra's clan application

Post by [LOW]CarbonDieOxide on Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:44 am

Player Passed the test,Accepted
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