Application for clan access

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Application for clan access

Post by Julian_Higuera on Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:01 pm

• Your in-game Name:
- Julian_Higuera

• Your in-game score:
- 5700

• Your in-game cash:
- 1'311.000

• Your Age:
- I am 18 years old

• Why would you like to join our BLS clan (70 words are required)?
- I would like to join the clan because I seem to be part of a team, have the experience of being in my first clan, I have never been part of one, so I would like to be part of this clan and meet the members and have fun times and, Above all, they have someone to talk to when we play and improve my skills, have a better score and win it fast, that's my real reason for entering this clan, thank you.

• Do you agree to be kicked without warning if they discover you breaking a clan rule?
- Yes, but then I would like to be told what rule I failed to correct

• What language do you speak?
- I speak Spanish, I have taken English classes during my study period.

• In what weapon do you perform better?
- Combat shotgun and Desert-eagle.

• Do you have flight skills?
- Yes, I have the skills I learned in story mode.

• Were you in another clan?
- No, If I enter this clan, it will be the first.


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Re: Application for clan access

Post by [LOW]CarbonDieOxide on Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:10 pm

Player Passed the test,Accepted
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