[BLS] ||Clan Rules||

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[BLS] ||Clan Rules||

Post by Freekster on Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:58 pm

Rules every clan members

(*)If you are discovered breaking one or more rules will result in adequate warning and evaluation of your situation, for more extreme measures

IG rules

N°1-.Don't killing the clanmates, we established it to bring harmony between us and not create some kind of quarrel
to our mates, this rule is ignored in DM duels and events

N°2-.Choose the corret team: [BLS] management has decided the teams preferred by the clan (France, Germany)
Clan members should preferably enter these teams, this rule is not mandatory, it was decided
to avoid breaking rule No. 1

N°3-.Use of the [BLS] tag: the use of /usetag is mandatory at all times and circumstance

N°4-.Good behavior: respect our clan mates and the rest of players under any situation

N°5-.Don't abuse of power: applicable only to Rank 3, clan co-leaders can not make any modifications to the clan without permission of the leaders

N°6-.Remain active: if a member does not remain active at least 5 hours a week, he will be put on hold until his reinstatement,
remain inactive the player will be kicked out of the clan with the possibility of re-entering without having to apply again

N°7-. Clan donations: use /clandonate every 1 to 5 of every month
All donations are obligatory every month, it does not matter if you donate a larger amount the previous month

Rules in our section in the Forum

N°1-.Valid Proofs: every video/screenshot file that is presented as a proof in some section should be strictly pure, without any type of editing

N°2-.No Spam: Spam or constant messages with the same algument will be sanctioned by both clan leaders and management [LOW]

N°3-.Use of the [BLS] tag: the use of the tag in the forum is mandatory for our members, if you do not know how to edit your profile
see our section [Message Farming]

N°4-.Only bls members are allowed to respond on some topic, this rule is obvious if it is a clan aplication

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