[TEO] Clan Wars

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[TEO] Clan Wars

Post by Spicy_Killer on Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:43 pm

Hey everyone! This topic is about Clan Wars. So the first thing if any clan wants to challenge [TEO] for a clan war, then use the following format:-


General Information:

Clan Name:
Clan Leader:
Date And Time(Along with timezone):
Duel(1 vs 1) Information:

Participants with chosen weapons:
All Vs All Information(In case, if you want to add more all vs all's, then use the same format):

All vs All #1;

Notes and Conditions:

1) The war will only be acceptable if the leader or co leader of opponent clan applies
2) The winners will be decided by points. Winning one duel/all vs all give's one point. The clan with greater points at last wins the war.
3) Duels with weapons RPG, Grenade, Chainsaw, Minigun, Katana, C4, Motolov, Knife etc... won't be accepted.
4) There will be no trial rounds, and no excuses for losing and no second chance will be given if anyone loses a fight
5) The opponent clan's leader must have above 15k score
6) If any member stays absent at war, his fight will be postponed(the new time and opponent will be provided).
Clan War Statistics:
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Wars Won: 0
Wars Lost: 0
Wars Tied: 0

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