Savage Barbarians 69 - Complains.

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Savage Barbarians 69 - Complains.

Post by Vampire on Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:01 pm

*Before Complaining:-
This is a complain section against one of our Clan Member that broke one/any of LOW's community rules or offended anyone in-game or forum(Not available in other social media) ONLY. Don't complain to us because we denied your Clan Application to join us or won't invite you to the clan. Spamming would not be tolerated and will be deleted. Just copy and paste the format below and reply to this topic. And a pure sufficient proof is needed,any complains without any proof will be rejected/ignored.
Cheers !

*Complain Format:-
In-game name:
Complain Against:
Reason for complaining:

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