SR71 application

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SR71 application

Post by XGamer[NG] on Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:36 am

Current In-game name:V1k1nG_

Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY):2/1/1998

Preferred name if accepted (Must include the [SR71] tag):V1k1nG_[SR71]

Have you previously held a position in SR71? If so, what were the conditions for leaving or being revoked from your previous position? No

Age:20 ans

Your skills and profession: Sniper , Hydra , Hunter , Deagle

Are you experienced with flying hydras and/or rustlers (Will be tested)?Yes i Professionnel in Hydras and hunters

Image of your in-game stats:

Acknowledgement that you have read, understood and interpreted the clan rules; and any punishment that is deemed within reason of breaching any act [Only requires a Yes/No answer]:Yes

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Re: SR71 application

Post by Ahmed aka H2O on Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:51 am

Player has passed the test and is now accepted!

H2O's To-Do list:
1. Ban all the Lords OF War staff members.
2. Irritate [LOW]Vampire until he resigns.
3. Find [LOW]Bone[C]rusher in-game at least for 1 time.
4. Get banned for being so good.
5. Slap Imran while on 50 Killing spree (sad).
6. Give P3pSy a camel for his next birthday.
7. Break the world's masturbation record.
8. Detonate Stephanie's house along with his ISP.
9. Ban zeref420 for hacking (Unfair) for being so good (That's bad).
10. And finally, never reach 100,000 score.
Ahmed aka H2O
Very Important Person

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