Application By P3pSy

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Application By P3pSy

Post by [LOW]P3pSy on Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:10 pm

Your in-game Name:[LOW]P3pSy
Your in-game Score:104757
Your Age:18
Why Would You Like To join our BLS clan(Required 100 Words):I found this clan very interresting and also i found more things being made/create very well by the two leaders.I will try to come with new ideas and to help the others members as well.Indeed, i will also respect the rules.
After you are accepted you will follow the rules?:Yes
What Language Do You Speak?:Romanian/English
With What Weapon are you good?:I don't have a fav. weapon depends on the battle
Were you in another clan? If you were why did you leave?:From [BC] clan.Because i want to try this clan too
Do you plan to help the clan with ideas or contributions(Yes-No)?:Yes
Picture of your in-game Stats:
Do You Agree That if You Dont Stay Active or Play in Wrong Team Will You Be Kick:

     Two middle fingers for my haters Smile
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Re: Application By P3pSy

Post by [LOW]Zeus on Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:00 pm

- Welcome To BLS -

- Congratulations -

- Accepted as Sergeant -

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