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Rate My Profile Picture

Post  HawkEye[S6] on Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:25 am

Check my New Profile Picture
BTW I'm on the right

My LOW Goals:
- Piss off Imran to such an extent that he Rage Quits
- See Niggachu get a girlfriend
- Get a Girlfriend myself
- See SHADOW get another chance
- See v4 Update
- See Night[M]are donate for Vishnologia
- Piss off Night[M]are and Vishnologia once each by Nuking them[DONE]
- See My clan application be accepted[DONE][OMG]
- Assemble a Gaming PC
- Leave Minigun DM and not get banned by bot[DONE]
- Win a Deagle DM Event with Imran in the event.
- See *Someone*'s Picture

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Re:Rate My Profile Picture

Post  [LOW]Vamp1r3[S6] on Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:37 am

69/69 IGN reading

Vamp's goals:

-Kill all Lords Of War staff member
-Allow Imran to help me get kicked out from the Staff Team
-See Bone[C]rusher,CJS,gazaman online IG
-Get ban with stupid reason Done
-Reach 69 killing spree
-Annoy Sadat untill he cry
-Show Extreme's real face to everyone
-Get kick out from the staff team
-Ban Alvinn
-NEVER get promoted to Lead Admin Rank
Don't Watch this video:

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