[SR71] Air Force Ranks

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[SR71] Air Force Ranks

Post by Ahmed aka H2O on Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:22 pm

This topic is developed for the purpose of distributing the SR71 Clan members according to their Air Force rank. Air Force rank is dependent on the members' XP. So by increasing your XP to one of the specified ranks, you have to reply to this thread for being promoted to the next rank. There will be benefits for reaching higher ranks, too. As for now, starting from the second rank players will get an In-game profit of $10000 x Rank ID (per promotion). So, by getting higher in rank, you get more profit. You can visit this page for viewing the accomplished Air Force ranks by the SR71 Clan members, too.

To apply for your SR71 Clan Rank, you have to reply to this page using this format exactly as written, keeping in mind proofs are required for approving your request.

In-game name:
Current rank:
Achieved rank:
Proof of the achievement:

Rank (1): Private
Required XP: 250

Rank (2): Airman
Required XP: 500

Rank (3): Senior Airman
Required XP: 750

Rank (4): Staff Sergeant
Required XP: 1000

Rank (5): Technical Sergeant
Required XP: 1250

Rank (6): Master Sergeant
Required XP: 1500

Rank (7): Senior Master Sergeant
Required XP: 1750

Rank (8): Chief Master Sergeant
Required XP: 2000

Rank (9): Second Lieutenant
Required XP: 2250

Rank (10): First Lieutenant
Required XP: 2500

Rank (11): Captain
Required XP: 2750

Rank (12): Major
Required XP: 3000

Rank (13): Lieutenant Colonel
Required XP: 3250

Rank (14): Colonel
Required XP: 3500

Rank (15): Brigadier General
Required XP: 3750

Rank (16): Major General
Required XP: 4000

Rank (17): Lieutenant General
Required XP: 4250

Rank (18): General Air Force Chief of Staff
Required XP: 4500

Rank (19): General of the Air Force
Required XP: 4750

Rank (20): SR71 Master Pilot
Required XP: 5000

H2O's To-Do list:
1. Ban all the Lords OF War staff members.
2. Irritate [LOW]Vampire until he resigns.
3. Find [LOW]Bone[C]rusher in-game at least for 1 time.
4. Get banned for being so good.
5. Slap Imran while on 50 Killing spree (sad).
6. Give P3pSy a camel for his next birthday.
7. Break the world's masturbation record.
8. Detonate Stephanie's house along with his ISP.
9. Ban zeref420 for hacking (Unfair) for being so good (That's bad).
10. And finally, never reach 100,000 score.
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